Product : Thread Protector

  • Drilltec SSP Protector
    Drilltec SSP protectors offer an economical alternative to protect A.P.I. tubular from damage and subsequent faulty make-up which can trigger catastrophic downhole problem.
    The Drilltec SSP protector is designed for API and some premium connections from (2-3/8” –9-5/8”) and is manufactured from high density polyethylene and provides resistance to both impact and corrosion.
    Designed as closed end non0liftable for tubing (2-3/8” – 3-1/2”) and as closed end liftable for casing, (4-1/2” – 9-5/8”).
    The SSP serves effectively in a wide range of conditions. It withstands all chemicals used in the field and has a temperature tolerance in accordance with API specification 5CT (-50˚F to +150˚F) (-46˚C to +66˚C).
  • Drilltec ACT Protector
    Drilltec, the world leader in tubular goods protection, introduces the most advanced thread protectors in the industry. The new Advanced Composite Technology (ACT) protectors are made of PROCADD, a revolutionary composite resin that combines light-weight versatility with unmatched strength and durability.
    The ACT technology offers superior protection to high alloy tubular that are sensitive to bi-metal corrosion. The closed end liftable design prevents hook damage and ingress of debris to either pin or box. CNC machined threads offer complete engagement to prevent the protector from stripping or vibrating loose, while grease pockets keep moisture and debris from entering the thread or seal areas.
    The innovative ACT protectors are totally and easily recyclable, without the need for separation of metal from plastic and can be completely recycled utilizing DRILLTEC’s patented cleaning system. The ACT lightweight design reduces overall freight costs, while its high impact resistance exceeds all API and IADC/SPE performance standards.